Friday, January 18, 2019

Polygamists setting up shop in Northern Minnesota? Grand Marais reacts to polygamist group leader buying North Shore property.
There’s growing unrest in Grand Marais as people learn that a known polygamist with ties to a religious group that promotes marriages involving children is a key player in a land purchase near the North Shore town.

Seth Jeffs was recently served with a lawsuit in Bloomington, Minnesota, after allegations surfaced that he was a witness and participant in the sexual abuse of a young girl while in Utah.

Records show that Seth Jeffs is listed as the managing member for a company that purchased 40 acres of land in this remote area west of Grand Marais… near the Superior National Forest.
The plans have neighbors concerned.
Uh, Extensive Background checks? Oh, that's just for law-abiding people with no criminal history who pose no threat to anyone, desiring to legally purchase and own a gun.

Maybe we need some type of anonymous snitch program Red Flag Order for "suspicious property developers".

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