Friday, January 25, 2019

Calling all Trump-hating women...Ilhan Omar, Alyssa Milano, Joy Behar, Rashida Tlaib, Maxine Waters, Rosie O'Moo and others...take your protests to Saudi Arabia.

The Independent: Women detainees being 'sexually assaulted and flogged' in secret Saudi prisons.
Female rights activists in Saudi Arabia have been sexually assaulted, tortured with electric shocks and flogged so hard they cannot stand, Amnesty has reported, as British MPs ratcheted up pressure on Riyadh to grant them access to the detainees.

At least 10 rights defenders have been tortured, including being made to kiss each other while interrogators watched, Amnesty said in a report released on Friday.
Others held in the secret prisons were tortured with electric shocks, flogged so hard they could not stand, or waterboarded[.]
None have been officially charged or referred to trial, most have no legal representation.
The Saudi government has repeatedly denied the claims of mistreatment of the detainees.
Will the women (and others) mentioned in the title of the post be lighting up their social media accounts expressing their same screeching outrage that they express over the  "deplorable" treatment of women in the U.S. by President Donald Trump?

Let us know, ladies. Let us know. Because something tells me these loud-mouthed women will be notably silent on this story. After all, who cares about abused women in Saudi Arabia?

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