Saturday, January 12, 2019

Tech News

9 NewsTwo Huawei employees arrested in Poland; spying allegations.
Poland has arrested a Chinese employee of Huawei and a Polish [Huawei] cyber business specialist on allegations of spying.
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Information Week: How to manage the Internet of Things (IOT).
Once data is collected in central storage, analytics on the entire body of data can be run to produce the most inclusive and holistic picture of the business.
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MIT Review: When China decides to really hack the rest of the world.
Many thought the internet would bring democracy to China. Instead it empowered rampant government oppression, and now the censors are turning their attention to the rest of the world.
Or North Korea. Or Russia. Or those godless Tuvaluians.
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TechDirtFacebook not helping Vietnamese government censor critics quickly enough.
...the government is going to do other vague things ("necessary economic and technical measures") to hurt Facebook and "ensure a clean and healthy network environment." One "necessary economic measure" is somehow blocking Facebook from collecting money for "hatred advertising," whatever the hell that is.
WTH is "hatred advertising"? Anyone wanna take a shot at defining it?

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO/Censor.
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Following an anonymous tip, TechCrunch commissioned a report from online safety startup AntiToxin to investigate. The results were alarming.
Alarming is an understatement. Stop using Bing. Over on the far-right sidebar, scroll down and look for "Search Engine Alternatives To Google." Start using any of them and make Google and Bing history.
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Tech CrunchSpaceX to lay off hundreds
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US cable providers still do not even support live 4K broadcasts, but CBS Sports is going to try out its 8K cameras at the Super Bowl anyways.
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The blame falls on the current US federal government shutdown [...] Consequently, government websites are dropping like flies, with no one being on hand to renew TLS certificates.
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Earlier this week, AT&T said it "only permit[s] sharing of location when a customer gives permission for cases like fraud prevention or emergency roadside assistance or when required by law." But the Motherboard investigation showed that the data was being re-sold on the black market, allowing pretty much anyone to get the location of other people's phones.
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It looks like "It's" here. TechnocracyIBM launches Quantum-Computer-In-A-Box.
The 20-qubit IBM Q System One represents the first major leap for quantum computers of 2019[.]
Quantum in a Box

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