Monday, January 28, 2019

Ich bin ein Siberia

Sky News: We are all Siberians.
States including Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota are forecast to get Siberian-like temperatures.
Wind chills will help some cities reach their lowest temperatures in decades.

Waterloo in Iowa is one of the places that could set an all-time low, and -36.6C (-34F) is forecast on Wednesday.

Chicago is already blanketed in snow but is set to hit -29C (-20F) the same day. The last time it reached that temperature was 1994.

But with high winds in the Windy City, it could feel like -42.8C (-45F).

When it gets this cold, I never get tired of taking a pot of hot boiling water, going outside, and tossing it up into the air and watching the water instantly turn into little micro-flakes. It's fun. Be careful if you try this.

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