Saturday, August 10, 2019

Whose body was on the gurney carrying Epstein? Is he really dead? Ears and nose different. Conspiracies abound.

So many theories.

BNL News:

More at Hal Turner: Guards in Epstein Jail Told to LEAVE AREA 3 Hours early.

Three You Tube Channels:

1) Nose and ears don't match on Epstein and person on gurney. Emergency call for cardiac arrest. (It's an hour, 24min video. I skimmed over much of it).

2) Nose and ears don't match. (8 1/2 minutes).

3) Gemetria-the numbers surrounding Epstein. (9 minutes).

Some selected screen caps below from all three videos:

Hoax and Change: Someone edited Jeffrey Epstein's Wiki page. (The page is now locked).
According to Wikipedia’s revision tracker, someone going by the name “TheEarthboundFan2001” added four words to Wikipedia’s page on “suicide watch” soon after news got out that Jeffrey Epstein had committed suicide in his prison cell.
Jessica Fletcher @ Twitter:

Dick McDonald's reply nails it.

John McAfee @ Twitter (heh):

Scooby and the Gang are on to something...

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