Monday, August 5, 2019

Triggered Democratic Socialists of America meeting. No Triggering the Easily Triggered. Abandon all Ye Pronouns and please, No Jazz Hands.

Jazz Hands is Racist. Please, No Jazz Hands.

Reason: At the Democratic Socialists of America Convention, Clapping, Chatter, and Gendered Language Are Considered Triggering. (They also caution against wearing "strong" scents. So, no Paco self-dousing? That's a shame. And, they have a Quiet they provide Bitty blankies?)
Democratic socialists earned some ridicule this weekend after video clips from their annual convention—which showed attendees objecting to clapping, disruptive chatter, and the use of gendered language on grounds that all of these things were triggering—appeared online.

One person took to the podium to thank his fellow comrades for waving their hands in the air instead of clapping, since sudden, loud noises can be harmful for the easily perturbed members of the audience.

"We have a lot of disabled comrades," he said. He reminded everyone to "avoid hissing, avoid waving banners, there's all sorts of things."
The Hi-larity ensuing Easily Triggered DEM Socialists of America video and Twitter thread is at Ian Miles Cheong. I've edited the three video clips into one, below:

I'm thinking a Netflix series.
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