Monday, August 26, 2019

Newshub journalist asks vegans a simple question. At first the comments were helpful. Then, things turned. Hint: Not for the better.

I assumed I would be able to ask my seemingly innocent question without getting attacked. I was very wrong.
But soon enough, the nasty comments started rolling in.
Within an hour, the suspicion had turned into judgments. People were accusing me of creating drama.

"You've been offered the truth. Now will you skew it, I wonder?" one person wrote.

Another person questioned my journalistic integrity.
My posts spiralled [sic] out of control without me even engaging in them, and I managed to get kicked out of two of the three groups I had reached out to.

Vegans complain that they are stereotyped for being too preachy and self-righteous, but I had just been bullied by at least 50 people who didn't know me from a piece of tofu, after I turned to them for advice.
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