Friday, August 16, 2019

Tlaib plays the victim card. Can visit her Grandma, but won't.

Representative Rashida Tlaib said she will not visit Israel to visit her grandmother and other Palestinian relatives on the West Bank after being treated “like a criminal” by Israel, which announced Thursday that Tlaib and Representative Ilhan Omar would not be allowed into the country on a planned political visit.

“Silencing me & treating me like a criminal is not what she wants for me,” the Michigan Democrat said of her grandmother. “It would kill a piece of me. I have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything I believe in–fighting against racism, oppression & injustice.”
Tlaib isn't being silenced or being treated like a criminal. She was asked to be respectful as a guest in another country. She couldn't - rather, wouldn't - do that.

Offensive behavior and speech has consequences. Tlaib apparently feels her behavior and the consequences don't apply to her. Well, they do and now she's getting a taste of the repercussions. Ain't That a Shame.

Card may not be accepted in Israel. Restrictions apply.
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