Saturday, August 24, 2019

Video captures moments man crushed by elevator at Manhattan Promenade building.

NY Post: Graphic video shows moment man crushed by elevator at Manhattan Promenade building.
One of every New Yorker’s worst nightmares played out Thursday morning when a Kips Bay man was crushed to death by an elevator in his luxury high-rise as his horrified neighbors looked on, authorities said.

Sam Waisbren, 30, clawed desperately to escape the packed lift as it plunged from the lobby into the darkness of the shaft below, but he was crushed between the elevator car and the shaft wall, according to officials.

“The guy literally was trying to climb out onto the floor while the elevator was still [moving down],” said a building worker, who witnessed the death and asked not to be identified. “It’s awful.”

The horrific scene, which played out at the 23-story Manhattan Promenade tower on Third Avenue near East 25th Street just after 8:15 a.m., was captured on building surveillance footage exclusively obtained by The Post.

As one woman stands waiting, the elevator door opens into the lobby and a man wearing a backpack emerges, then wheels around as the lift gives way and Waisbren and five others go rocketing downward, the clip shows.

Waisbren instinctively shot out his right hand to grab the frame of the elevator door and tried to plant his right leg onto a sliver of lobby floor, but was immediately overpowered.

“His initial reaction was to put his arm out . . . so he could get off,” the building worker said. “At that point, the elevator took him down. Jumping out [of] the car while it’s still moving, you just don’t want to do it.”
Advisory - The video is graphic and NSFW. You can't "unsee" it, so think carefully before deciding. (There is no audio).

Fair Use Section 107 U.S. Copyright Code.

I'm not surprised, yet I am, at how everyone kept walking, except for the one man.

May God have mercy on Mr. Waisbren and all who knew him.
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