Wednesday, August 7, 2019

60 Pistols Found Hidden in Smugglers Car Trying to Enter UK. Discovery by The Specialist Deep-Rummage Team.

Smuggled Guns discovered (UK National Crime Agency)

60 pistols were found during a search at the Port of Dover on 2 August. The pistols are believed to be blank firing pistols converted to live fire.

The 60 weapons were apparently hidden within “deeply inside the car’s bumper and both rear quarter panels.” The guns were found by what is quaintly described by the National Crime Agency as a specialist deep-rummage team”. The initial search discovered a blank firing SIG Sauer P226 pistol, with a barrel converted to fire live ammunition, in the car’s rear-left quarter panel, accessible from the boot/trunk of the car. The rest of the vehicle, a Volkswagen Passat was then searched completely.

A 37-year-old man, Robert Keogh, from Dublin, was arrested and charged with illegally importing firearms and appeared at nearby Margate Magistrates’ Court on 5 August.
... the Border Force and National Crime Agency did not share further photos of the guns unpacked so we could see what sort of other pistols/blank firers were being smuggled into the country and estimates on how many guns are smuggled across the channel annually are not currently available.
This is a shame. I bet many of those guns were on their way to law-abiding UK citizens who sought only a way to defend themselves against criminals rather than being another statistic of victim status.

How long can it take to "completely search" a VW Passat, anyway?
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