Monday, January 27, 2020

DEM Cenk Uygur: Bestiality Advocate and Rules for dating. Bernie Sanders distances and disavows. And "Cows"!!!

Finally getting to this.

Cenk Uygur, DEM candidate (CA...big surprise) Breitbart (November 2019):  for the vacated Katie Hill congressional seat, must be just what the Far Left wants in their party.
Uygur has a controversial past, particularly in regard to women. He was forced out of his own Justice Democrats in 2017 after problematic sexist blog posts from the early 2000s surfaced.

In one post, the Democrat laid out his “hard and fast rules of dating.”

“Women, ignore these at your peril,” Uygur wrote.

His three rules were as follows:

    Rule 1: There must be some serious making out by the third date.

    If I haven’t felt your tits by then, things are not about to last much longer. In fact, if you don’t get back on track by the fourth date, you’re done.

    Rule 2: There must be orgasm by the fifth date.

    No, ands, ifs, or buts. If I haven’t unloaded by this time, things are intolerably slow. There will be no sixth date to give you a second chance. If you haven’t delivered by now, you’re done.

    Rule 3: There must be sex by the second month of dating.
Cenk sounds like a nice guy, huh? He appears to have the enduring qualities DEMS insist infuse their party. I'll wager he's elected and makes California's 25th district very proud.

To repeat, the above was written in the early 2000s. And it takes 19 years for any DEM, and Sanders, to condemn such misogyny?

Daily Caller on December 12, 2019Bernie Sanders Endorses ‘Young Turks’ Host Who Called For Legalizing Bestiality.

Here's Uygur, his own words:

Within 24 hours, Bernie Sanders withdrew his support and endorsement of Uygur. The Daily Beast on December 13, 2019: Bernie Rescinds Endorsement After Women’s Groups Blast ‘Misogynist’ Cenk Uygur.

Had Bernie not been confronted over Uygur's comments, one wonders if Bernie would still be supporting him. And, am I the only one who - after reading the story at Daily Beast - concludes that Bernie's view on bestiality is basically, "Meh...."?

This song is for you, Cenk. Maybe you too, Bernie.

"Cows" from In Combo by The Suburbs.

I like cows
And they like me
I like cows
Just wait and see

When they go 'moo'
Hey, move over!
Oh yeah!
Uh uh uh

Well, I like cows
I like to watch them eat
I like cows
They don't move when they eat
And I'm a lone cowhand
From Rio Grande

I like cows
They've got skinny feet
Unlike their friends, the shaved sheep
They've got skinny feet
Daily Caller Archived 
Daily Beast Archived

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