Friday, May 24, 2019

Lyon, France Attack; most MSM headlines couch their wording and Macron eventually utters, "Attack".

BBC: "Explosion" injures pedestrians in Lyon.

Reuters: "Suspected suitcase bomber blast" in Lyon.

Newsday: "Low force blast" in French city of Lyon wounds 7; "cause unclear".

Bloomaberg: "Blast in French City of Lyon...Cause Unknown."

ABC News: Blast leaves 8 with "minor injuries".

Daily Telegraph: 13 injured in Nail Bomb blast.

Daily Mail: Terror attack in Lyon: Police hunt man seen leaving parcel bomb outside bakery that left 'at least 13' injured including an eight-year-old girl, as Macron condemns the 'attack'.

Breitbart: President Macron Confirms Lyon Explosion is ‘Attack’.

It's a mystery who, or what group, is responsible for this low force, cause-unknown, explosion terrorist attack.


Mullah Lodabullah said...

Those people doing things again.

David Drake said...

@ Mullah, yes, indeed. And Macron is an enabler and appeaser. Tragic.
Thanks for dropping by ML.