Thursday, June 20, 2019

Pedo Tackled At Press Conference

A Twitter Social Media video shows a quick-thinking police sergeant tackled a man who had allegedly made suggestive comments to a young woman nearby - during a press conference. Detective Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards was speaking to reporters outside a police station on the Sunshine Coast in Australia when a man in a red hooded jumper appeared behind him, being chased by another man yelling 'you better get running, run, run, run!'. The top cop stopped mid-sentence and tackled the runner to the ground, right in front of the rolling news camera. Kevin Scells, who was pursuing the man, alleged the runner had made inappropriate comments to his 19-year-old daughter Charlotte.

Via 9News - Probably NSFW (language):


Angus McThag said...

19 year old isn't pedo.

Did they mean 9?

David Drake said...

@ Angus, it sounds like 19 but the audio isn't that good. Maybe it was 9 years old?? Hard to tell, unfortunately. Thanks for stopping by.

David Drake said...

@ Angus, the text above the video accompanied the story on Live Leak and I copy and pasted it as is. So the "copy" does say "19" years old. Still looking for the LiveLeak link, I didn't bookmark it. Doesn't really clear up the age issue. While if at 19 yrs old the perp wouldn't be a "pedo", I'd too be chasing down some sleazy guy who persisted in "flirting" with a 19 yo daughter.