Thursday, July 11, 2019

Snowflake Tony Posnanski. Maybe expecting a visit from Secret Service?

Tony Posnanski Tweet whining:

What's most impressive is Posnanski's command and mastery of language skills and his extensive and articulate vocabulary.

Sportswriter Posnanski wrote extensively on Joe Paterno and pedophile Jerry Sandusky. This certainly begs the question of what Posnanski knew about Sandusky. If he knew, and remained silent, he's complicit with Sandusky's abuse of children.

Here's another gem Tweet from Posnanski:

Posnanski: Yeah, that RealDick Tator name... Just like Mike Hunt, Rick Shaw and Pussy Galore. They all seem like real and legit names. Names that reasonably intelligent people could not possibly find skeptical or suspicious. Posnanski swallows the satire hook, link and sinker. He's paddling in the same canoe with The Widow Bono Cher.

Maybe it's the steroids?

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