Saturday, July 13, 2019

NYC Blackout; 42nd anniversary to the day of the same. (There are no coincidences.) (UPDATE) Power slowly returning. Conspiracy theories abound.

 10:32PM EST power slowly returning

NY Daily News: 1977 blackout also on July 13.
Saturday night’s power outage in New York City took place on the 42nd anniversary of a devastating blackout that affected most of the city and led to widespread looting.
 Penn Station; FOX News.

NY PostManhattan in darkness.

BBC: Electrical transformer fire is blamed as cause.

Curbed: Manhole fire initial cause.
- @NYCEmergencyMgt is working with the NYPD, FDNY and city agencies to respond to power outages in Manhattan due to a manhole fire earlier this evening. Disruption is significant.

We’ll have further updates soon — please follow @NotifyNYC.
Hit your favorite Chan(s), BBS and discussion sites for the conspiracy theories. Far too many for me to list. Me? This can only be the work of Teh Russians. Or...this guy.

FOX News; power slowly returning.

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