Monday, July 15, 2019

1,000 show up to meet ten DEMS at the Iowa Cornfeed. 1,000!

Radio Iowa: 1000+ at Progress Iowa Corn Feed hear 10 White House hopefuls:
Leading contenders like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala (COMMA-luh) Harris and Bernie Sanders did not attend the event. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had been on the speaking schedule, but flew back to New York after a major power outage in the city. Washington Governor Jay Inslee, another candidate on the speaker’s list, didn’t make it due to a flight delay.
Whoa...those poor Iowans who attended the annual Corn Feed met and listened to the ten players of the Y Team. Hickenlooper was there. Oooooohs! Ahhhhhhhhs! And Amy, too! Wow-hoo-whoo!

Anyone from Iowa who left the Corn Feed impressed with what they heard?

President Trump Rallies, population more than "1,000+":

Trump rally, inside.

 Trump Rally, outdoors.
Radio Iowa Archived
Sioux City Journal Archived

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