Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Helpful conversation ideas for Thanksgiving dinner.

1) Politics
2) Impeachment
3) Mandatory Medicare For All
4) Colin Kaepernick
5) Cancel Culture
6) Climate Change
7) Jeffrey Epstein
8) The Clintons
9) Liberal Hypocrisy
10) Kirk or Picard?

Others? Leave a comment.


michigan doug said...

11) Gun control

Drake said...

Michigan Doug, There ya go! I was hoping an astute person would add that one, which I purposely left out :)

Congrats and thanks for stopping by & commenting.

Odysseus said...

This is why I made the Winter Soldier meme I posted earlier today.

Drake said...

Odysseus, I saw that and yeah, spot on. Still can't leave messages at blogger sites. Still working on trying to figure out what the hell the deal is.