Thursday, November 21, 2019

Cory Booker says the government is underfunded, needs more revenue. More taxes! Higher taxes! He even wants to take away our Sunny Afternoon!

SEN. CORY BOOKER (D-NJ) at MSNBC's Democratic presidential primary debate: Well, first of all, I think we all agree that we need to bring in a lot more revenue in this country. We actually have a real problem with the tax rates, tax loopholes, tax cheats. And I don't agree with the wealth tax, the way that Elizabeth Warren puts it, but I agree that we need to raise the estate tax. We need to tax capital gains as ordinary income. Real strategies will increase revenue.

But here's the challenge. We as Democrats need to fight for a just taxation system. But as I travel around the country, we Democrats also have to talk about how to grow wealth, as well.
Yeah, it's not a a spending problem. It's a lack of revenue.

"Grow wealth." Cory needs to consult with Crazy Bernie and Liz Warren on that. He's obviously far behind the 8-ball.

The Kinks - "Sunny Afternoon", DEMS want to take that away from us too.


Odysseus said...

And yet not a single one of them will admit that the Laffer curve has now be proven that if you want to increase government revenue you CUT taxes. Which grows the economy and brings in more revenue than if you left them be or strangled the economy with higher taxes.

Odysseus said...

When I go to your last comment on my page and click on your profile it says "profile not available", don't know what's up.

Drake said...

Odysseus, Dems will never admit gov rev increase with tax reductions. Both parties, some more than others, have turned spending into a hobby.
I killedmy profile page long ago. It's weird, some blogger sites I can leave comments, others I can't - yours is one of them. Other comment platforms, WP and Askimet work just fine. So...know that I'm still stopping by. Your Reds post on Wed had me reaching for the oxygen tank. Not really....but dayyyy-um.

molson said...

Cory's brain is under supplied with oxygen.

Drake said...

Molson, yep...he inhaled too much toxic air while he was mayor of Newark. Good to hear from ya!