Sunday, February 3, 2019

Ralph Northam almost does moonwalk. VA Gov wife nixes performance as "inappropriate circumstances."

Still-Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, DEMOCRAT, contemplated performing the Michael Jackson moonwalk during a press conference.

Daily Mail: Northam considers moonwalk until wife intervenes.
...while taking questions, a reporter asked [Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam]: 'Are you still able to moonwalk?'

And in the brief moments after the question, Northam appeared to look around to see if he had enough space to do the dance move.

But just as he looks to start the jig, his wife asserted: 'Inappropriate circumstances.'

'My wife says inappropriate circumstances,' the controversial politician reiterated.
Let's pretend he's not in the picture he said he was in, and then later said he was sure he isn't in. And let's pretend his 1984 (soooooo long ago) photo is some other two people, unknown to Northam and that he doesn't have a racist bone in his body and loathes the KKK and would never dress as a Klansman as a prank. In...1984.

Let's watch him give pause, considering the request - almost proud that he's asked - and seriously contemplates performing the moonwalk:

Can we agree the man is an idiot? While I don't think it's inappropriate to do the moonwalk - if you CAN do it well - considering the circumstances surrounding Ralph Northam's comments and the photo...which he ISN'T in...(ahem, cough)...what was he thinking? Idiot. His wife is obviously familiar with disaster mitigation

Keep digging, Governor Northam, keep digging. Rumor is at his next press conference he's doing "Mammy".

 Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, Virginia

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