Sunday, February 10, 2019

Amy Klobuchar WILL enter the presidential race.

Chicago Tribune: Klobuchar expected to join presidential race.
Klobuchar said she would make a "big announcement" about her political plans at an event along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.
Yeah - she's tossing her hat into the 2020 presidential race. She'll make the official announcement this afternoon. This is based on info told to me from someone who knows someone who has the "inside" info.

Her goal is not the presidency. The reality of her being a viable presidential candidate is a joke. She's ogling for a slot at being named Vice President for some other Dem presidential candidate.

Here's some fun when you have time. Do a web search on "Amy Klobuchar is difficult", or "demanding", or simply...a "bitch".

Charming she is not.

Amy Klobuchar; President? Bwa ha ha ha ha.

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