Friday, February 7, 2020

Canned, Fake Applause added to edited video clip of Buttigieg Campaign. (Video)

Daily Caller: Buttigieg Campaign Appears To Have Edited Town Hall Video To Add Applause.
Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign appears to have edited a video from a CNN town hall to add audience applause in a version it posted online.

The Buttigieg campaign posted a clip from a May 2019 CNN town hall ahead of another town hall Thursday night.
At that point in the edited video, the audience appeared to have broken out into thunderous applause, but in the unedited version, Buttigieg actually continued talking.
@ CPD Action Twitter (video and Tweet):

Deep Fakes, Altered Videos, Whine Caves, Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars. This glamorous, enticing and lucrative media manipulation can only be coming from that darn, interfering, nefarious RUSSIA! RUSSIA!
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Odysseus said...

"Please Applaud"- Jeb!

Drake said...

Odysseus, :D
I always forget about that and you always remind me.
Let me know ahead of time next time ;)