Sunday, October 13, 2019

California's new gun control measures.

Newsweek: California Just Passed a Slate of New Gun Control Measures, Expanding Red Flag Laws and Tightening Sales.
California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a sweeping package of new gun legislation into law Friday.
The new laws expand on the state's use of gun violence restraining orders, more tightly regulate firearm parts and restrict sales of semi-automatic weapons.
One bill sponsored by California Assemblywoman Jacqui Irwin expands the maximum length of time a protective order can remain in effect from one year to five. This means that a judge under California law can order the confiscation of a resident's firearm for up to five years if "clear and convincing evidence" shows that the weapon will be used to cause injury.

Residents subject to an order may petition the court for its early termination once a year while the order is in effect if they believe the evidence against them is no longer "clear and convincing."

The constitutionality of these orders, commonly known as "red flag" laws, has not been firmly established.
Another bill signed by the governor expands the list of people who may petition for a red flag order. Currently, only police officers and family members may, but soon teachers, employees, employers and coworkers will also be able to seek temporary firearm confiscation.
One of the other prominent reforms that Newsom signed will apply the state's one-handgun-a-month rule to semi-automatic centerfire rifles.
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Sarthurk said...

Only a matter of time before Martial law becomes the state of affairs in Kali.
I say, let the fires burn!

taminator013 said...

I can see that working out really well. I had a coworker who complained to our boss that she was afraid of me and worried that I might shoot her. I did have words with this nasty bitch more than once, but never even came close to threatening her. The boss let it go in one ear and out the other. A year or so later she also complained to our new supervisor who mentioned it to me. I blew my stack this time and told him and her in no uncertain terms that if it happens one more time that I'm going to HR and turning in a formal complaint that she is harassing me for no reason and that I want her fired. Good thing that this didn't happen in one of these "Red Flag" states.............

Odysseus said...

Quick blogger wellness check(without the cops shooting you in your own home), you doing okay?

David Drake said...

Sarthurk, it's a shame how Cali has deteriorated.
Thank for dropping by.

Taminator, it's Orwellian how Red Flag false accusations can impact someone who's done nothing wrong.
Good to hear from you.

Odysseus, Thanks for checking in. Appreciate it.