Saturday, October 12, 2019

Berkeley misses electricity. Life without fossil fuels.

Berkeleyside: Berkeley Hills goes dark.
Power went out starting at 11 p.m. Wednesday[.]

Power started to go out around Berkeley around 11 p.m. PG&E’s outage map shows about 3,500 homes and businesses without power, which means many thousand more than that don’t have working electricity.
[A] resourceful Berkeley resident, Patrick Buechner, couldn’t live without his morning coffee so he set up his camping stove to boil water.
Everyone is, of course, blaming PG&E.

Cali Gov DEM Gavin Newsom is mostly concerned with the wineries. The Sacramento Bee - Newsom ‘outraged’ by PG&E blackouts, but says they’re needed:
Most of the outages are in the hills ringing the Sacramento Valley and the state’s wine country where Newsom, who made his fortune in the wine business, noted that his wineries are in the midst of grape crushing season and desperate for power.

“I’d rather criticize Donald Trump than act like him, talking about my businesses in Northern California, but we’re in the middle of wine crush and folks are running around trying to get generators right now,” he said. “It’s very consequential.”
Desperate for power? What about relying on the wonderful, clean, green solar and wind turbine energy?

Criticizing is easy. Finding solutions to problems? Not as easy.

Californians may find themselves without electricity for extended periods of time, but they can rest well knowing they've solved the problems of plastic straws and little shampoo bottles from hotels. Maybe the rolling power outages are The Revenge of The Plastic Straws and Monster Shampoo Bottles. soooooo 1980's...
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