Saturday, September 21, 2019

Joe Biden says he never discussed Ukraine dealings with son Hunter.

A Steak Fry? Don't they know steak is killing Mother Earth?

Campaigning in Iowa this morning, DEM Joe Biden told FOX News' Peter Doocy that he, "never spoke with his son [Hunter] on any of his overseas business dealings."

This is more bullshittery from the doddering, hair-sniffn', groping ex-VP. 

We're to believe that not once, ever, did Dementia Joe discuss with his cokehead son Hunter, his job and work overseas. 

Uh huh. Because fathers never talk to their sons about the work they do. Ever. Or, this is another incident of Joe's senility kicking in again. Hell, Biden doesn't know if Vermont is a state or a town.

Let's give Pervy Joe the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he really never did speak with Hunter about his Ukraine business dealings. Instead, they used Flashcards.

The video and story is at Daily Beast.

In related news, there's a new toy available for Hunter Biden. It works on the same principle as the cat toy below.

But instead, for Hunter, little spoons filled with cocaine pop in and out, and he has to snort the Blow before it disappears back inside the shell.

Unconfirmed sources report that Hunter never leaves a spoon empty.

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