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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Car, pedal pub collision, 3rd Ave bridge in Minneapolis.

Image: KARE 11

MINNEAPOLIS — A car and a [pedal pub] collided on the 3rd Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis Saturday night.

The accident happened around 8:45 p.m.  A spokesperson with the Minneapolis Police Department says there were no serious injuries reported and the crash is being investigated as a traffic accident.

The crash backed up traffic on the bridge for a short time but cars are once again moving past the crash scene.
Glad there were no serious injuries. A combination of a bridge, a pedal pub, mixed with traffic and large, heavier vehicles. At night. What could possibly go wrong? Who could have seen this coming? I's Minneapolis...

KARE 11 News Archived


Odysseus said...

And they say us hillbillies have stupid ideas.

David Drake said...

Odysseus, the elected in Minneapolis have "bold visions." Tossing cigarettes, vaping and firearms into the mix of the pedal pub "experience"... now there's a good, old-fashioned Saturday night.
Thanks for stopping by.
(I'm past due on getting over your place. Will get there).