Saturday, August 19, 2017

WTF is wrong with people? Moroccan boys rape donkey; get rabies. No, this is not fiction.

I can't believe I run across a story that is similar to this one, in the same day. Or even a week.

(sigh) From The Middle East Monitor:
At least 15 [Moroccan] boys, aged seven to 15, have contracted rabies after gang-raping a donkey[.]
Same story, different source.  The Times, Sri Lanka:
The family members of the youngsters are very disappointed and shocked.
Local authorities are now trying to find out who else had approached the donkey to "admire" it to limit the further possibility of the disease spreading.
I don't think that the word "admire" is the most accurate term to use.

Same story, another source;  stating what others have not: Defence Forum India:
15 Muslim teens treated for rabies after raping donkey.
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8/18/2017: Fixed bad link


Anonymous said...

They were children asshole.

David Drake said...

I'm guessing you probably wanted to put a comma after the word "children" ??

The story says the boys were "age 7 to 15." I'll spot you the 7 year old because it was peer pressure that likely motivated him to join in. But a 15-year old? A 15 year old knows better.