Saturday, August 12, 2017

Averaging Reading Time

Approximate reading time: 1m 15s

I've noticed sites are more and more adding a blurb including an "Average Reading Time," and I like that idea.

I'm going to be doing that from time to time, especially on the more wordy posts, which, to be honest I hate writing, let alone publishing and expecting others to read it.

What metrics am I basing the Average Reading Time I'll be using?

Well, I read the post aloud and allot 20-30 seconds to click on a link, read the headline, and return to the blog.

I understand that the order of words and their sequence can be written so as scanning across a sentence, or multiple words at one time, you'll grasp what I'm  conveying.

You could go down a Rabbit Hole following a link in a post and become lost on Albert Gore Jr.'s SuperDuper Information Highway...but I can't be held accountable for that.

So, copy (i.e. text), images and checking the links within the post will be the criteria I use. Please, by all means, take a stopwatch - there's probably one your computer or cell phone - and time yourself reading it and let me know if your ART is within the same timeframe.

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Typos corrected 8/12/2017


Phil said...

I pretty much only post stuff that takes a few seconds to digest unless it's a video.
People have short attention spans and are looking for entertainment a lot of the time.
Once in a while I'll post something wordy but looking at my stat counter info, the average visitor only stops by for a few seconds max.

David Drake said...

I do agree, Phil.

The last study I read was that in speaking to another person, their attention span is 8 seconds. After that, their mind starts to wander. Which is really sad, I mean - 8 SECONDS??? So I can imagine how it is with long posts, although I will read them entirely if they are on a good topic, or it's a good OP/ED piece. I'm speaking of stories published at other blogs.

Sometimes I do get too wordy. I try not to, but sometimes the subject dictates that. And then, the hardest part, is proofreading and editing that draft down to being even less wordy.

I bet I've already lost your attention..../joke.

Great to hear from you; I love your site, man. We'll stay in touch.

(That crane video was the bomb. I would have wanted to be on the opposite side of the ship as that was being lowered down.)