Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tech News

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Another instance of technology out-pacing law. Biometrics Law Suit Courthouse News Service:
[A] federal lawsuit claims that Alvarado Manufacturing’s “intelligent admission control” turnstile system violates Illinois law by collecting fingerprints and other biometric identifiers without consent.
The 13-page class action suit is HERE, and worth the time if you like the subject matter. And a 13-page suit is not a long read.
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Those Billionaires like having their beaches private.  Courthouse News Service:
...a picturesque stretch of the California coastline remains closed with No Trespassing signs clearly posted – despite a court order to open the gate so people can access the nearby beach.
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I've taken a few light jabs at Elon Musk on this blog (but I admire the guy), but I agree with him; there needs to be an outright, and immediate, ban on killer robots. The Guardian:
 “Once developed, lethal autonomous weapons will permit armed conflict to be fought at a scale greater than ever, and at timescales faster than humans can comprehend. "
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PC World: Build your own Jurassic World. Or...something.
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BGR: ...coming down the homestretch it's Galaxy but here comes Samsung on the outside...
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No, Barclays isn't tracking how often employees are at their desk or workspace. Nextgov:
Studying how workers use their physical space is not a bad way to save money. But if the finance industry is really interested in reducing unnecessary costs, they might also figure out how to stop activities that led to $321 billion in fines.
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TechCrunchSnapChat will host a CNN news program.
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Beta News:  Here's a memory moment that will jog you. It was year 2000 and version 4.75 of......Netscape was released!
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MS Did WHAT...?!? MS' cloud app security automatically logs off suspicious users.  (I'm sure MS will release a patch to fix this.)
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But is this tech news? Sure. Razorology? That's it - Razorology. Red Orbit: Results from an online survey saying 1/4th of all Americans...have injured themselves when...trimming body hair.   Down there...


BB-Idaho said...

Interesting piece on killer robots, military AI and the ethics of such. Not hard to imagine a driverless jeep with a bumper sticker
that reads 'My robot can beat up your robot'...

David Drake said...

That is a really creative idea - the bumper sticker; I wish would have thought of that and photoshopped the back of a jeep with that sticker on it. I hope Musk and his co-Tech buddies can lobby for the ban. I'd suspect if killer robs were outlawed, there would still be countries or tech companies that would covertly build them. Thanks for visiting BB.