Thursday, September 28, 2017

World News Links - September 28, 2017

National Geographic: GIANT RAT falls from tree; dies. But there are more...many more GIANT RATS!

The GIANT Vangunu rat; Photo: Tyrone Lavery, The Field Musuem [sic]
I'd like to point out that National Geographic misspelled museum. Not that I'm the grammar / spell-check police. But National G - no proofreader? I am available for the job.
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The Telegraph: Anti-terrorism squad arrest 65 year old British woman for passing secrets to Russia and(or) China.
She was arrested by Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism command on suspicion of an offence under the Official Secrets Act, which covers espionage and passing secrets to an enemy.
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The BBC: Australian blogger fakes cancer for money.
Belle Gibson, 25, gained fame in Australia after she claimed to have beaten brain cancer using natural remedies and nutrition.
Ms Gibson's app and cookbook, both called The Whole Pantry, made $420,000, and she had promised to deliver a share of the profits to several charities.
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The Daily Mail: Private companies given the power to arrest people?
Private firms may be given new powers to arrest people in a controversial move that has raised alarm.

The proposals would allow, for the first time, staff from companies such as G4S to arrest members of the public for failing to pay fines imposed by the courts.
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IBT: Stories like this make me want to...make the perp "disappear".
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NDTV: Crowd laughs at crying Barack Obama as he leaves Malia's college.

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Copenhagen Post: Copenhagen cops use motorcycles to battle gangs:
Copenhagen Police recently revealed it had obtained a new weapon in its conflict with the gangs: off-road motorcycles.
[The] new BMW F700Gs bikes are capable of travelling [sic] on a variety of terrain, including gravel, grass, pavements and even stairs.
The BMW F700G. Image: Copenhagen PD
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Belfast Telegraph: Bouncer knocks student to pavement. (Video clip at link).
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Argentina News Net: member of Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte's security force found dead under mysterious circumstances.
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CBC: Nashville Predator player and Toronto native P.K. Suban says he'll never kneel for "The Star-Spangled Banner" because he has too much respect for the American flagI said as much;   that you're never going to see an NHL player acting like an NFL'er or NBA'er).
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Red Orbit: Eels are "electrifying."
Large eels ‘more powerful’ than ‘a law enforcement Taser’.
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Courthouse News Service:  Enviro-Earth-Humpers seek "personhood" for Colorado Eco System.
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Phys.Org: Vacuum cleaner-maker Dyson to make electric cars by 2020.
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Maybe this is old news to you. It's a bit over five years old. I'd never heard of THIS STORY before. From click the link. And I'd thought I'd heard it all...
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Scientific American: Male Ducks have penis envy...or, maybe male ducks are attracted to other male ducks?
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BB-Idaho said...

RE: UK privatization of arrests
-I see a new territory for 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' and his nepotistic
crew of black clad sleuths...brushing aside the Bobbies and terrorizing the back streets of London Town. Cut crime and raise
his ratings, no?

David Drake said...

RE elected US Libertarians, Wiki - and I really don;t like to use them other than for a "general information site" subject to validity, I found a 2014 story in the Wash Examiner:

"I think you are seeing a movement in the Republican Party where it is becoming more liberty minded," Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, a member of the Liberty Caucus, told the Washington Examiner.

"Issues like [government data collection by the National Security Administration] have really enlightened Republicans to the dangers of the lack of strong congressional oversight of these organizations, so I think we need to get back to the basic doctrine of the constitution. Our Founding Fathers had a fear of strong central government and too much power being given to one person. That is the premise of what the constitution was about."

You're in ID, is the guy being legit in what he says above? How's he worked out for ID?
What I thought of when I read about the UK privitizing arrests, (don't know if you're a Monthy Python Fan), but they have a bit where they are dressed up as little old ladies, but they're a neighborhood "gang" that terrorize shop owners, people on the streets and cause mayhem - and everyone is scared shitless of these little old ladies. It's great. It's a part in one of their 1/2 hour Flying Circus episodes.

Here it is; God bless YouTube:

THAT, and if cricket ousts Ben Stokes, i think he's got a career in boxing:)

BB-Idaho said...

Raul Labrador: A few months back his local office was invaded by
four octogenarian ladies who were upset with Mr. Labrador. The office manager, 6'4", felt threatened by the old gals and called the
local police. When the local police determined that the grandmas
were polite but persistent and failed to charge them with assault,
the guy called the state police in Boise and demanded a full investigation. As far as I know, they mostly tend to their flowers
and knitting, but still show up every couple weeks. Not very libertarian, IMO. Labrador has decided to run for governor: ID is
rock solid GOP (guns, abortion & over riding fear of black helicopters) but the party is scrambled by business cons, foam
at mouth social cons (mandatory death penalty for women who get
abortions), a couple of guys elected by Club For Growth who were
so bizarre that the actually lost to a Democrat, a couple of evangelical state legislators caught who had an affair with each other, a large Mormon segment and marching orders from the NRA.
So Labrador, while clearly popular, has many foes in his party as
well. But yes, somewhere in that menagerie there are some libertarians, I'm sure. But even Idaho politicians a prone to
the symptoms of once you are in power, your goals shift to staying in power despite your resume. One of the reasons, IMO, that we are
last in education, infrastructure (either north/south highway requires a 4WD with your own snowplow) college grads, rural doctors
and and inability to attact business despite low taxes. Not complaining-it is beautiful country.

David Drake said...

HA! -"The office manager, 6'4", felt threatened by the old gals and called the
local police." What'd the guy think, they were going to pelt balls of yarn at him? What an asshat for calling cops of four Grandmas. I love grandmas, don't care if they're Libs, Repubs, or neither. Grams are so sweet.

"politicians a prone to
the symptoms of once you are in power, your goals shift to staying in power despite your resume."
Yeah, no disagreement from me on that. Applies to 99.9999999% of politicians after getting elected.

Closest I ever came to ID was flying over it in an airplane heading out west. I mentioned before that it seems like ID is the new Texas. I hear ya on 4WD. Same for MN winters. Though our winters have been considerably less intense since I was a kid. Back then, almost always had snow by Halloween and stayed on the ground til Easter. Last winter - almost snowless. Oh, we'd get it, then it would melt. Had a few ultra cold weeks a few times, but for snow...very little.

Denver and the north eastern states, and Chicago, seem to be more in the "Heavy" snow-belt now. Those are the MN winters we used to have.

Maybe someday I'll get to ID. Would make a nice road trip. I have heard it's a beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

BB-Idaho said...

Observations about libertarians by an outsider. Me.
-In some ways they reflect right/left ideology: often in agreement
with the left on social issues, not thrilled with big military spending or Homeland Security snooping etc, and with the right on
smaller government, states rights, unfettered market etc. For some
reason, many libertarians are found in the computer/IT sector and
many cut their teeth on Ayn Rand as well as quite a few being imbued
with Austrian Economic School. A few lean no guv is
better than big guv. We notice than the few academic economists of
libertarian bent seem to be at George Mason U. At least that is my
perception based on some interfacing with the species.
Curiously, I blogged over several years with a pair who seemed to
meet the above criteria. They were almost a team from disparate points of US geography, in total agreement. Then, they gradually
evolved in sort of opposite directions, based in part IMO, on their
blog feedback. One became critical of just about everything, doubting the holocaust, wishing the South had won the Civil War,
damning Muslims and Jews equally, equating labor to communists etc.
The other gradually turned more liberal, concerned with the failure
of TrickleDown (distributing wealth upwards) the phenomenon of US
healthcare costing twice as much as any other civilized country with
unspectacular health results, and particularly Trump. They began sniping at each other in the blogosphere, gathering allies, dumping
alternative views; culminating in mutual banishment. Yeah, kind of funny. The South Shall Rise Again guy closed his blog to comments,
the Bleeding Heart Libertarian, had to fend off all sorts of attacks
because he was a deserter (can it be that a reformed libertarian is
as ardent as a reformed smoker?) and began to attract flaming libs.
These were older guys, not as old as me and FDR, and yet, their
ideologies shifted. And NO, neither foamed at the least at me. :)
Anyhoo, that is my opinion-did I get anything right?

David Drake said...

-did I get anything right? : Yes and no. I'm just kidding.

I need to appreciate what i have here, and that I don't and probably never will, have to deal with 50-100+ comments per post. Otherwise I'd have to switch to a comment provider that required people to sign up and have a password to leave comment. I wouldn't have the time to personally read each comment before publishing it.

And if I selected the "comments with NO Moderation" - God only knows some of the shit people leave as comments. And I pretty much try to stay civil in comments whenever I leave the at other places. And I TRY not to get into a --- I mentioned this before --- running point-counterpoint with others in comments sections.

Some actual Blog "blogs", as opposed to other sites, have more than one writer, and they manage to retain a coherent message and view. I also know of blogs like you mentioned where once-like-minded people went their separate ways.

I guess I'm an Independent Libertarian. Most questions of "how do we [the US] fix [whatever]" can only be answered with a mixture of answers and approaches. Those kind of questions rarely have just ONE answer or remedy.

You have a good handle on Libertarianism on the above. Same for the other comments you leave. I don't know that much about you, but I think it's a safe guess that I think you're intelligent, well-read, experienced a lot in life, educated and practical. And fair. I'm glad you comment. How did you ever find my blog? A link off some other site?

BB-Idaho said...

Probably linked in from somewhere. I only comment regularly on 4-5 blogs and may have linked, then linked, but don't recall.
Scientific American-male ducks. We used to live up by Irondale HS
in New Brighton and traveled Long Lake road a lot. One day, there was a traffic jam at the Rice Creek bridge; people outside their
cars gawking. A pair of mallards mating right on the centerline.
Oblivious to the audience. It seemed to take forever. Lot of ducks
on Long Lake back then. One late fall a couple dozen got themselves
frozen into the ice right where Rice Creek leaves. It was so pitiful that the lakeside people were tossing food out onto the thin
ice. Other ducks would come in for a landing, feet down expecting
a splashdown...and go skidding and quacking and spinning. We conclude that ducks don't know water from ice, have no sexual modesty and aren't much smarter than humans. :)