Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A College Basketball Scandal? How Could THAT Happen?

From MSN:
...the Department of Justice announced fraud and corruption charges had been brought against 10 people involved in the world of college basketball -- including four coaches.

I'll go out on a limb here and predict it's a matter of time that, at some point in the near future, Congress will drop everything and form committees and sub-committees in a never-ending investigation because we all know that a scandal in college basketball is the most serious and challenging issue facing America, if not the world. Congress has to do something.


BB-Idaho said...

I'll go out on a limb here; if a 6ft 10in freshman gets $150,000,
a set of tutors for his Phy Ed 101 and Urban Culture Studies class
and high paid strippers for the after game parties, he better dang
well stand for the Anthem...or be fired.

David Drake said...

I don't know how a college player can be 'fired'. Cut/Dropped from the team, yeah.

I gotta ask you again because you didn't respond - Am I comming across to you as foaming at the mouth Libertarian ?! Or did I interpret that comment incorrectly?

BB-Idaho said...

No, you don't come across that way at all. In my experience most Libertarians are sort of pedantic and full of Hayek, Rand, Austrian
Economic Theory and incredibly small government. If you get bit by
a rabid raccoon though, watch out for the foam problem! From a modern tech POV, it is sort of frustrating that rabies continues
endemic in the wildlife population. Where are Salk and Sabin when
you need them? Is there a Libertarian stance on the talk of tax
reform, eg. superCuts vs superDebt ?

David Drake said...

OK-got that cleared up. I didn't think I was coming across as a foaming LTarian so I was curious as to what could possibly make you think that - but that's not what you were saying. Got it. Yeah - like I said, I don't agree with the whole Libertarian platform 100% or any platform. I defaulted to LTarian after what I had considered my self=a Conservative with some rather non-conservative view on some things, and ID'ing as a Repub second. But they're worse than the Dems in Congress in some ways. I'll credit Libs: they know how to play political hardball and act the majority party when they are. McConnell, McCain, Ryan, Graham, Warner/Kelly???? AZ or NV ??? Especially the too-long serving McConnell & Co. They'd fuck up a wet dream.

Well, from their own website on the econ:

Unrestricted banking competition, but vigorously fight fraud. (May 2016)
Market allocates resources efficiently; government does not. (Nov 2014)
Reduce taxes, spending, and eliminate controls on trade. (Jul 2000)
Abolish all regulation of banks in favor of free market. (Jul 2000)
Pass constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. (Jul 2000)

"Cafe Hayek" is on my BRoll and they're big on Hayek.

I hesitate to ask, but since you mentioned Hayek, Did you get into comment "issues" over there ?

My personal LTarianism prism: a smaller Fed govt, no necessarily "tiny" but I think the Fed Govt is a monstrous beast in size. Gotta be reduced. I think people should pay for our nation being protected by Military, Police, Fire, Ambulance etc. Some sort of taxation is needed on fed, state, & local levels. Whether its Flat fee, indexed to income, property value, universal sales tax on everything -- I don't know. I don't know that only one is the answer. They all can be improved.

On the Super Cut/Debt - great question. The only Congress member who at times refers to himself as a Libertarian is Rand Paul (son of Ron).

Rand has referred to himself as a LTarain yet he ran for pres as a Republican last year. And he's on record as being against increasing Military funding, but did a 180 on this issue during his campaign favoring increasing the Military. So --- unfortunately we LTarians don't have more than one, maybe two (I'd have to ck, I want to say there's one lone LTarian-registered in the House. Well, guess I have a search to do) many in the US Congress who, at times, consider themselves LTarians. Rand Paul is okay, but I'd not have voted for him had he been the candidate. Would have sat out the election.