Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cluck Schumer: "Wealth-fare for the country clubs and board rooms."

From US News:
"It seems that President Trump and Republicans have designed their plan to be cheered in the country clubs and the corporate boardrooms," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said on the Senate floor Wednesday, describing the proposal as "wealth-fare."

Schumer, puts on his "I hate corporations" public face, but he certainly hasn't refused taking their campaign donations: The Hill; April 2015:  
Sen. Chuck Schumer, who will become the Senate’s top Democrat in 2017, could become one of the greatest fundraisers of all time.

The New York Democrat has developed a reputation as a tenacious money magnet who doesn’t take no for an answer. When handed a $25,000 check, he’s been known to respond, “You can do a little better than that.”
Schumer is constantly looking for new donors, and will even badger Republicans for cash[.] (Lunch money? - DD)
Center for Responsive Politics / Open Secrets:
Combined contributions for both Campaign Committee & PACs (all the below for years 2013-2018):

Schumers' top four campaign contributors
* Paul Weiss Co.
* Lockheed Martin
* Deloitte LLP
* NorPAC

The top four donor business sectors
* Securities & Investment
* Law firms
* Real Estate
* Insurance

[The majority of his campaign donations, over $17.6 Million is from large dollar contributors and comprises 75.5% of total raised. His campaign contributions from small donors (under $200), is $401,976, a paltry 1.72% of total raised.]
 On PAC money only:
His top four PAC contributors

* Google
* Lockheed Martin
* Aetna
The top four PAC industry sectors
* Securities & Investments
* Insurance (BIG BAD EVIL INSURANCE?!?!?! -DD)
* Pharmaceuticals / Health Products (EVIL BIG PHARMA?!?!?!-DD)
* Health Professional
From the not-leaning-to-the-Right CBS News, in June, 2011:
Yet outside the public eye, Schumer was one of the biggest beneficiaries of Wall Street money that Congress had ever seen.
Is lowering the corporate tax rate going to result in an improved economy and create jobs? (Big Breath...)...and you already know the answer, " it depends. " 

Schumer was there in 2008, eager to bailout his Wall Street cronies.   The NY Times, December 2008:
As the financial crisis jolted the nation in September, [Schumer]  -  became one of the first officials to promote a Wall Street bailout. He spent hours in closed-door briefings and a weekend helping Congressional leaders nail down details of the $700 billion rescue package.
Schumer isn't unique in politics to play all sides for the benefit of self-interest. That he does it so blatantly, with such avarice ("You can do better than that.") and such sanctimony and no shame, is simply amazing. Schumer knows the country clubs and boardrooms just as well as the "corporatists". I think he'd accept campaign cash from Kim Jong-Un if he could.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know what old upchuck's net worth is? I suspect it is a LOT higher than he could have accumulated on his CONgressional salary alone, even if he didn't spend one thin dime of it............

Francis W. Porretto said...

Schumer is one of New York's biggest embarrassments. Yet nearly all his support comes from the Five Boroughs of New York City...a fine argument for expelling the City from the State.

David Drake said...

@ Anony - agreed. His net worth is likely understated. I bet many in Congress to the same.
Like the spelling CONgress. Geez, with I'd thought of that :)

David Drake said...

@ Francis - yes indeed. And I get the feeling like McCain, or Byrd, that Schumer will keep that Senate seat as long as he keeps getting re-elected. Does upstate back NY him as much as the city? Same for when HRC was a NY Sen. She got in because of the boroughs, right ? Not upstate ??

Thanks for visiting and comment Francis and Anon.