Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Vegas Rolls Win over Jets;
NHL Tuesday, May 15

My prediction on last night's LV / Winnipeg game 2:

 Jets 4;  LV 3 in OT

Actual Final Score:

Jets 1;  LV 3

It was as if the two teams changed jerseys from game 1 and game 2. LV played well (not great, but well), and the Jets played nothing like they did on Saturday.

Their series is now 1 game apiece. Games 3 and 4 are in LV and game 3 is tomorrow, Wednesday the 16th.

Tonight, game 3  (and 4) with TBay at Washington; Washington leading the series 2-0.

TBay knows they need to win tonight. Well, okay, they don't NEED TO WIN, they can go down 0-3 and win the next 4 games in a row but...

I've always believed that playing at home meant something, but maybe that's old-fashioned? Most of the teams in the playoffs have had at least one atrocious home game, if not two.

All the Puck Fun begins at 8PM EST.

Odds Sharks predicts  Caps 2.8;  TBay 2.6

Heck, I don't know - TBay dropped the first two games and they were at home. Tonight, in Washington, they are going to have to play entirely different in order to grab a win on Caps' ice. Can they? Yes. No. Maybe. Please insert cash now or select another method to pay. Change is dispensed below. Please take your receipt.

My pick:

TBay 4; Caps 2

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