Tuesday, January 8, 2019

France Surrenders Gets Tough on Yellow Vests

Evening Standard: New legislation to punish Yellow Vests.
France plans to introduce new legislation to punish protesters after seven weeks of violent “yellow vest” demonstrations.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe spoke after rioters torched motorbikes and set barricades on fire on Paris's upmarket Boulevard Saint-Germain on Saturday.
Morning StarWearing masks will be banned.
Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who compared the protesters to “football hooligans,” said new legislation would ban so-called troublemakers from demonstrations and ban the wearing of masks.
[The Yellow Vests] are demanding the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron whose hard-line response to the protest movement appears to have backfired with no sign of the demonstrations ending.

Concessions offered by Mr Macron, including pausing the unpopular fuel tax, have been rejected as anger grows over poverty and unemployment.

Last week saw the arrest of prominent gilets jaunes activist Eric Drouet, a truck driver from Paris, who was charged with “organising an undeclared demonstration.”

And former professional boxer Christophe Dettinger was arrested yesterday after video footage in which he appeared to be punching a police riot officer went viral.
Heh...Hooligans. Such a great, yet underused, word. BTW, 'Ze vee-dee-o ov ze box-ar paan-ching ze po-leez ovvizer iz here.

Banning the wearing of masks obviously brings the question of how will they specifically define what is, and isn't, a mask? Clown masks? Crazy Clown masks? What about a Head-Face ski mask for warmth? A Neck-scarf? I suppose these will be outlawed. What about Purdahs?

More importantly...what about Mort from Bazooka Joe? Would France deny entry to Mort for refusing to lower his turtle neck shirt?


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