Saturday, April 7, 2018

No Reason to Click

Just an fyi: Sorry, folks for the lack of updates. I just don't have the motivation or desire right now. 


BB-Idaho said...

As I recall, that highway sign is in Wyoming between Muddy Gap and

David Drake said...

It very well may be, BB -- it's from a general image search I did and it didn't say its location. I like it, though - and the long road that seems to go on for infinity of nothing. Good hearing from you; hope all is well.

molson said...

This post reminds me of another blast from the past...

I'd like to say stay strong or some other meaningless nonsense, but then I am reminded that I am all too familiar with that lack of spiritual motivation. Maybe I should gin up a new blog and start posting up some photos even if they are lame, but where to do it. Blogger comes attached with too much baggage these days and that really saps my motivation.

David Drake said...

Molson - been far too long hearing from you. Hope all is well.

I hit your link and yeah, I remembered that image. I like your road to nowhere better than mine.

You're photos are not lame; you could be a professional photographer; I've always thought that. You have taken and published some of the most beautiful nature shots, in all climates/seasons - that I've ever seen. I would love to see you reboot Hiking, CO and return to blogging. I moved Hiking CO onto the blogroll when I started this blog, and a few others, even tho they hadn't been updated, hoping one day I'd see an update. Ya gotta promise me if you reboot or start anew to let me know the link.

I hear ya on the new Blogger format. Some of the changes and options they've improved upon greatly, others=not so much. I miss the old style "free form" template that I had at MrsS. While I like some of the preformatted templates, like the one I use here, I don't like the limited variations you have when using them. I always prefer a white background using black print, but the color options for background, foreground, borders, etc is limited. Their drag and drop additions for images is a nice addition though. Eh - compromises...we all have to make them in all we do, don't we ?!

Now that I think of it, the original image I used on this post had a "for the next 25 miles" sign under the "Absolutely Nothing" sign, and I pho-shopped out the "for the next 25 miles" section. I found the original image in a general image search. Don't know where it is from as I mentioned to BB above.

Keep in touch, my friend and be well.

BB-Idaho said...

The road with 'absolutely nothing' reminds me of one of my many drives across the northern plains. After an hour of cussing at the radio (Rush Limbaugh) and gazing at the unchanging lack of scenery,
I found a local station. It was one of those forgotten cattle towns quite a ways south of I-94, a tiny cultural and economic center that served probably 100 mostly empty square miles. But they had some
country western music. As the miles continued to blur by, I became interested in their 'Hospital Announcements' segment coming up on the hour. Pretty exciting really; first real news since Billings
and I could hardly wait. At the top of the hour, a young woman broadcaster came on, “Welcome to the Hospital Announcements. The medical staff reports that there were no entries or releases in the last 24 hours. Be sure and stay tuned in for the wrap up.” I turned the radio off, lit my pipe and continued on
towards Miles City....

David Drake said...

BB - sounds like the radio "Hospital Announcements" are the equivalent of the billboard "Wall Drug" signs :)