Thursday, February 22, 2018

Parkland School Security Footage on 20 Minute Delay

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Why on earth would there be a 20 minute delay...20 minutes! police watched surveillance camera footage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School?

From WTBK, LaCrosse News 8000:
When officers arrived on the scene of the shooting, he said, they wanted to gain access to the security footage to learn what happened and where the perpetrator could be.

But last Wednesday the footage was rewound, [Coral Springs Police Chief Tony] Pustizzi told reporters. At some point, there was a miscommunication and officers believed they were watching real-time footage.

"The issue was more of a communications failure on who was reviewing the tape, letting our guys know that it was a 20-minute delay in what they were reviewing," Pustizzi said.
The Broward County School district said in a statement that its security system footage could be reviewed in both real-time or be rewound to see events that were previously recorded.

"During the immediate response to the event, the system was being viewed in real-time and the recorded footage was being viewed to retrace the actions of the shooter," the statement said, adding that the district no longer had access to the footage or the server it was stored on because investigating authorities have it.
[Coral Springs Police Capt. Brad McKeone said,] " I expected to be in a gunbattle. "
While watching the footage, Captain McKeone concludes he expected to be in "a gunbattle" ... and then, at some point, realized the footage they are viewing is delayed by 20 minutes? Am I (we) understanding this correctly? If so, something is very strange here.

"... the district no longer had access to the footage or the server it was stored on because investigating authorities have it." - Well, we'll never know the truth now.

People at Reddit are saying  Broward Sheriff Scott Israel ignored 3 dozen calls to Nikolas Cruz’s home.

Yeah, I know..."Dave, you don't believe stuff on Reddit, do you?" No more or less than I believe anyone knew, or didn't know, that the surveillance footage was delayed by 20 minutes. Or that I know, or don't know - for certain - if there was a second shooter at Mandalay Convention Center.

Besides, it's not only Reddit.

It's unclear if, prior to the shootings, the surveillance footage was on a 20 minute delay, but if so, the is no reasonable explanation for this.

Further, if police viewing the surveillance camera footage thought that they were watching footage in "real time", but the footage they were viewing had been rewound, who rewound it, when and why?


In related news, school resource officer Scot Peterson has resigned and retired. From WPTV - West Palm Beach:
Peterson took a position but "never went in" as the onslaught occurred, citing security footage.
Peterson was "absolutely on campus" he was armed he was in uniform during the shooting.
"But what I saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of Building 12, take up a position, and he never went in," the sheriff said.

Asked what Peterson should have done the sheriff said: "Went in, addressed the killer. Killed the killer."
Are we to understand, then, that Officer Peterson was unsure of what action to take because of either or both real-time and/or delayed security footage? Delayed or not, isn't that the task of law enforcement in a situation like this - to confront the active shooter(s)?

Numerous reports abound  about awkward encounters with Mr. Cruz long before February. The FBI admits they failed to investigate Cruz. 

The 1990 Crime Control Act, (introduced by Democrat Joe Biden) and yes, I know, signed by President George H.W. Bush (I've made no secret of my dislike of his politics), which designates schools as "Gun Free Zones" has simply identified easy targets for those who want to inflict carnage on defenseless people.

And the First National Bank of Omaha decided to end its relationship of their NRA-affiliated bank cards.

Well, I can think of at least two things that will happen with that last item.

1) Customers of the First National Bank of Omaha who are NRA members will be closing their accounts there and moving to a NRA-friendly bank, and;

2) Legal Gun sales by law-abiding citizens will again be on the upswing. And I fully support that.

The Blame Game here is wide open and I'm not pointing fingers at any specific person(s) or incidents, although I think reasonable people can conclude and agree there was at least one shooter and we know his name. But blaming the NRA is psychological displacement.


BB-Idaho said...

"2) Legal Gun sales by law-abiding citizens will again be on the upswing. And I fully support that."
I guess one just can't have have enough firepower.

David Drake said...

Hi BB. Great linked story, appreciate it. I, personally, agree with one of the comments at that link " I am not afraid of someone who owns 47 guns. I am concerned about someone who has ONE gun with no concern about consequences. "

The link within the link to the Guardian story about the Ha' vaaaaaad (Baawston pronunciation :D) -- unless I missed it and I don't think I did -- I didn't see where they listed their methodology used in how they obtained their numbers. If I missed it, I missed it; but it seems their quantification for the results was based on "asking people." So, for example, if I were someone who owned 47 various hand/shot guns or rifles, I'm NOT going to answer "how many guns do you own" by saying "47."

WaPO has a 6/2016 story that U.S. gun ownership is down 40%.

WaPO links their story to a 6/2016 CBS study=

.... CBS in turn links to SCRIBD of which I was familiar with = ....

.... and info/data SCRIBD is (you already knew this :D), is either considered relatively acuurate:

...or only as accurate as its author(s) since SCRIBD reproduces research and findings of others. And they've taken a lot of heat because they will take that study, given to them free, and then privatize the study by putting a paywall around it in order to access it. Entire groups on REDDIT who express extreme prejudice @ SCRIBD. HA! What else should we expect, eh?

Your comments always drive me, and hopefully others, in reading more info -pro, con, other - than originally posted, and I really appreciate that. I might be safe in saying we share the "there's no such things as reading too much or more on [subject]." And to be more informed, one has to read the con to their pro and vice versa. (Ugh, that's not directed to you, just sayin' in general). I check out the Liberal sites and blogs a lot. Shhhhhhshhh don't tell anyone. Always a treat to hear from you. Stay well, sir.

BB-Idaho said...

When I retired from the ammo business (R&D, mfg, lab director, explosives manager etc) my team had made the stuff that goes into
primers, both CF and RF, to the extent of 35-40 billion rounds.
The feed back was interesting: some used in homemade bombs, some
in assassination attempts, destroying Saddam's tanks, some taking
record elk, a zillion ground squirrels, about that many targets and probably a few criminal events. My niche was the fascinating and detailed process that occurs in the mini and micro seconds from pin
hit to out the muzzle. To the extent that in addition to numerous patents, I wrote a 175 p booklet on the topic. Not a best seller because 1. the math is boggling, the chemistry in upper degrees
Rankine is boring, and 'little' bangs as tedious as the Big Bang.
2. It was promptly declared proprietary..and 3. no one understood it.
So my interest in the topic is based on that baggage. Some of the finest people I know are gun collectors. Their are others I think
should not have guns, let alone forks and knives. The latter, as we
have seen, are the beneficiaries of rights which have been greatly
expanded in my generation: no one carried guns all over back in the
Truman days...except in N Wisconsin in deer season. Over the years
I've seen some peculiar effects of carrying a gun in the woods, a
fellow teenager shot the crap out of a big bass I caught out canoeing, just because he was itching to use his .25 for something.
Another guy changed from Mr. Nice to SuperHero when he strapped on
his .44. No electrical pole insulator was safe, he grew 5" and height and actually went looking for biker gang guys. Lordy.
Qualified on the .45 auto, the M-14 rifle, the .30 and .50 cal
m-guns, the flame thrower and a few types of grenades as an Army
officer and I understand the appreciation many have for modern
weaponry. I have enough empathy to appreciate gun owners getting
nervous with the escalating carnage. In fact, they may be the best
to come up with a solution: but please not armed teachers. My professor daughters face lecture halls faced with students who
get emotional when they don't understand analytical chemistry or molecular biology, and now these students in many states are carrying (or as they note, loaded for bear). We have already seen
that more guns as the solution to too many guns plays into the hands
of crazed individuals. These killers can get them easily whatever the law, and that is because they are ubiquitous. Never been like that in our history, really. History: a flintlock in the cabin corner and a constitutional amendment....and away we go. Sorry to
blather on here, but we all have POVs and reasons for them, no?

David Drake said...

Good morning BB. Fascinating - always - to read your life experiences and of your work.

Agree with you, some of the finest people I know own multiple and various types of guns and firearms. And yes, other shouldn't be allowed to handle a fork, knife or a spoon :)

Unfortunately there are those few who plunk away at every pole, sign post, tree or your bass. And that last one is simply unjustified, wrong and hope that teenager got a "talking to" from you.

I must be at the very end of a generation where we actually brought our cased, unloaded (usually a .22) rifle to school, kept in our locker, and had gun rifle and gun training after school in our Boy Scout troop classes. No one, and I mean no one of us, even thought of taking the rifle out until class. It was stated perfectly clear, in no uncertain language, that that rifle stayed in our locker until the proper time, for gun training class. Anyone breaking that rule had their gun confiscated and the troop leader would return it to our Dad, and only our Dad, if we didn't observe the rules. And no one wanted that.

I don't have a problem with a teacher or teachers being armed, as long as they are trained and qualified and pass the psychological tests, etc. When school shootings first became "common" (for lack of a better word), I never understood the objection of many people who were against an armed guard on school premises. An active or retired law enforcement individual, former military, etc. who would be on site during the school day to ensure safety.

Oh, you never blather on - no need to every think that. And of course, we all have POV's and reasons for them and I've always been able to agree to disagree. Not saying that because I disagree with you , I don't, really. Just that some folks will never reach the "agree to disagree" stage.

So many people seem (to me), over the years, have forgotten, or don't want to reach, compromising with others and I don't know if that is reflective of society, or the mindset of too many parents who think their "Johnny or Jill cannot do anything wrong or deserve reprimand." Or some other reason. The whole anti-depressant, Big Pharma approach that medicating our children is the answer? I don't know....

One person in a 20 student classroom with a hammer (or knife) could do severe and deadly damage to how many other student before that person is subdued? Pretty darn many.

I found some interesting reading here:

Always appreciate you taking time to visit and comment, BB.

BB-Idaho said...

It is shocking and a bit sad that the school security guy and three
deputies stood outside and waited. Were they cowards or estimated they were outgunned with issued side arms vs the AR? Would Ms. Dahl
the music teacher taken the guy down with her purse pistol? Our society causes (or at least permits) the current state of affairs.
For example, the road rage rage; used to be someone got mad and honked their horn, now they track down the little grandma that was going slow and grab their heat - grandpa comes out with his weapon
etc. Political correctness, which is just another name for polite,
has been discarded, loud and obnoxious is the new norm. And we protect the worst of us as exhibited by the multitude of red flags
of the latest shooter: he PASSED THE BACKGROUND CHECK. No sane person
believes existing fire arms should or could be collected, yet that is the main driver for the NRA. But we dare not mention those precious items outlined in the 2nd (apparently): silencers, magazines, bumpstocks, niclads, stand your ground (even in someone
else's neighborhood). Those are part of the triad summed by congressman Trey Gowdy, the other being better enforcement of existing laws and the above mentioned societal milieu. Of one thing
we can be certain: at some point there will be a larger population
of parents whose school kid was slaughtered, a horrible trajedy, and
they will work the rest of their lives to find a cure. I kind of think, David, that we should help them. BTW, even at 77, I would be
more comfortable charging a hammer nut than an AR!

David Drake said...

At the time of my earlier comment I hadn't heard about the update of three deputies on site who did not enter the school. I can't define it, (yet or perhaps ever), and who knows what more may unfold in time, but circumstances here get more strange with every update. Will we ever know the full story? I answered that in the post - no. I agree they need our help, what the survivors will live with the rest of their lives I cannot imagine.

I ran across this tweet that I found credible and brings up more questions:

If the minimum of what we know to be true... more than one report of the nature of Cruz's words of doing harm, a preponderance of photos with guns on social many of these shootings are right out of the same play book. Somewhere, some one or some number of people concluded not to pursue, or take seriously, that info. This person/these people need to be held accountable.

Could Mrs Dahl or her purse pistol helped? Maybe, maybe not. Ideally, (I'm not aware of her physical abilities or training) but if a teacher were to be armed, it would be someone who was physically able and had the training and experience, this should go without saying.

I hadn't heard the "whisper" item you noted. Interesting. I have read some of the reports that Parkland is, like other violent incidents across the world, a false flag event, or partial, or mix of FF and actual, the "crisis actor" theories, etc. I don't believe these theories, only some of the questions that are asked in these theories that never get answered. The reports of active second or third shooters in San Bernardino, a second shooter at Mandalay Bay. A third party with McVeigh & Nichols.

Is it just me then, that finds the almost instant dismissal of a 2nd/3rd party/shooter/actor strange? Why would any law enforcement agency assume any one of these is confined to one active person? And wouldn't it take more than a few minutes to confirm that? And, if what is reported is accurate, that Cruz is 19, he was expelled from Parkland yet interacted with other students that day on premises, did any student convey that to the Admin? IMO, we will never know the truth in any of these.

I will say the more new info we learn, the further removed from blame becomes the NRA. I'm not surprised at that, or unsympathetic to those with these feelings. It is emotionally charged for them. The NRA isn't responsible for this, we both know if someone wants an AR, an AK, a hand grenade - whether they legally obtain or otherwise - if they want it badly enough, they will get it, and have.

Yes, I'd prefer charging someone with a hammer than an AR; no doubt. But you know what I'm saying - - by the time either of us reaches the offender, 2-6 people dead or severely wounded is not too high an estimate. I'd like to think that even unarmed, I would have to at least try to do something at some point to mitigate or distract so that others had a chance.

As always, your words very though provoking, insightful, reflective and appreciated.

David Drake said...

ADD, *aware civilian possession of a hand grenade not permissable *